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bollmann lys

Welcome to my photo blog. Here I present some of my photos and some of it I engages in leisure and work.

I started with photography in 1983; I won a semi-automatic Nikon camera with two fixed lenses. Bought University team photo book and took out the fotogurer. Since then there has been many SLR camera as technology has evolved. Now there are two Canon Eos and one Olympus enthusiast compact camera. Yes phone actually takes also good 16 megapixel images notify lighting.

In 1984 I started working in Winters Borg Photo, which eventually became a member of the chain Elite Foto. I worked as a store manager in department Vågsbygd in 15 years. It was a good time with stately annual meetings and trips abroad in the firm's auspices.

In 1997, I intensified Internet company Web Norway after creating websites for my employer Winters Borg Photography and a few others. First three years I worked at the same time in the photo shop in 66% position. It became too much to do in his own company, so it was 100% in 2000. Since it has been a huge learning curve from good old html to modene web solutions.

In his spare time the photo and boating that takes my time. Wish period spanned more.


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